The Captain's Four Reasons YOU Should Have a Yacht Rock Wedding Reception: 

#1 - Your reception is on a yacht.  (Duh.)    

#2 - This is your fourth marriage -- which means you and your guests are about the right age to have been in junior high, high school, and/or college when all these songs were dominating the FM airwaves.  How cool would it be to hear songs, all night long, that evoke those carefree feelings and emotions you had when marriage was totally uncool?  (Am I right?!?)  


#3 - After your third or fourth drink you'll totally rush the stage and sing along with us, (to the top of your lungs!), when we start playing "Africa," by Toto:   

"It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you,    
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do . . ."  

Best wedding lyrics, ever!   

#4 - Regardless of your age, or even if your reception is totally landlocked, you simply want to throw out all the rules and have THE MOST FUN POSSIBLE, dancing the night away to the smoothest songs in the universe!  (That's where we come in.)

Pssssst!  And here's a little secret . . . Just between The Captain, and you: 

Captain & The Keels is the alter ego of the regionally renowned band, Bull City Syndicate.  (Yep. Same band.  Same line-up of the best musicians in the Triangle of North Carolina.)  Bull City Syndicate (BCS) has done hundreds of local and regional weddings, corporate events, charity galas, festivals, and more.  As such, they have the experience and track record of being able to deliver everything you need for your event.  Not only an unlimited cache of tunes for your reception, but these guys (and gals) can also provide music for your ceremony and cocktail hour, as well.  They can break down to a small jazz ensemble for your cocktail hour, provide classical guitar as your guests are being seated, and add that special trumpet processional as the bride is presented to the wedding guests.  Then, when the time is right, they become the party band you're looking for.  All of this specifically tailored to your needs and expectations. 

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